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Aug 24, 2013 1:30pm PDT
solar energy because we are in the forefront of certainly the rest of the states, probably -- in fact, certainly in the western hemisphere, california is in the lead. and that's important. but being in the lead doesn't mean we've arrived at the goal. got a long way to go and i hope the work you do here, the conversations, the relationships that are formed can help advance the cause of solar energy and renewable energy or generally. back when i was governor the first time, that was a long time ago -- some of you folks weren't even born then -- not too many. i see a few gray hairs here who are hanging around. that was a long time ago, 38 years ago, as a matter of fact. very few people get to be governor 38 years after they first started. [laughter] >> with a 28-year hiatus. (applause) so, i guess i have to expiate my many political sins and i spent time in the wilderness. but i am back and i can reflect on how politics work, how it worked then, what's happened in the meantime, challenges we now face. i promoted solar energy back in 1975 when i signed a law that granted a 55% tax credit
Aug 29, 2013 4:30pm PDT
chapter energy committee. we've got before you now a not to exceed rate that has been brought to be competitive with pg&e's rates, we -- the staff is working on more specific plans for a build-out as we speak and passage of these rates today is essential to these plans. we want to build. >> thank you very much, terry hakakuchi. >> my name's jerry takayuchi, most of my work is here in san francisco. i'm a substation electrician for pg&e, member of ibw1245, i have five year widths the company, before i arrived here, i was working at the larkin street sub where the power was distributed to city hall and the civic center kolas -- comes from there. >> be kind to us. >> yeah, i work a lot of overtime to make sure that happens. you know what, we all want clean power, we all want green power. i have a hard time visualizing that the shell oil company is the one to provide that. this is a company that probably for centuries have been profiting from pushing fossil fuel products, okay. i think we need to be really careful about multinational companies coming over here maintaining that the
Aug 22, 2013 4:30pm PDT
to an adoption of a not to exceed rate, today the commission chooses shell energy north america for a segment of san francisco customers, the commission today also can convince the city to purchasing a product that consists almost entirely of renewable energy credits, these decisions are subject to ceqa because they will result in a reasonable foreseeable effects on the environment. as we explain in our letters, today action may increase the city's reliance on ghg emitting and toxic air pollutant emitting by switching to shell, the city wishes to [inaudible] resource portfolio, shell's portfolio that has a higher of known fossil fuel projection than pg&e, shell's non-fuel resource mix [inaudible] credits. today's action may also result in changed rates of air pollutant emissions from existing fossil fuel facilities, by switching to shell, the city changes the source of generation for sf customers from facilities that serve pg&e's load to facilities that serve shell's load, that different facility may be operating on the margin to facilitate the city's demand, this changes the rate of air poll
Aug 26, 2013 9:30pm PDT
..[reading].. and 170 megawatts of local energy efficiency conservation measures as well as investment of 150 megawatts of a wind turbine farm, the supplier must bid generation rate that is will current pg&e generation rates for each rate class, that's not what we have before us today. what was proposed, what was initially voted on, what the board initially supported is a very different program, so while i think staff has made strong strides to get to that, that's not where this initially started and we do feel that there has been a bit of a bait and switch on that, we are concerned about moving forward with a plan that doesn't respond to the earlier requirements of local generation. in addition, i think it's important to note enrdc does a report on the top energy providers in the country and they categorize that by pollution and by megawatt hour, pg&e is the cleanest for c02 of any investor of utility in the country, it seems strange it's doing all this effort to move away from that. thank you. >> commissioner vaoet -- vietor, you had a comment? >> i wonder if you could just respond to that earlier g
Aug 26, 2013 10:30am PDT
% renewable energy goals that -- by the city and county and that we're charged with giving life to. but really what it was about was the local generation. so, if you can tell us where it's at because i know it's gone up and down. what is the status of in-city renewable generation and what is the status of jobs? >> okay. >> that would be real helpful i think to move us forward because we're going to go all over when really we want to know where is it the stuff that really excited us sitting here today. and thinking back, i guess one of the big reveals you're looking at doing a change to the program, you're investigating to do work in which shell buys the hydro power. i'm guessing that's going to impact the potential or potential not of rate setting next week. or is that something you're going to have answered to the satisfaction of the commissioners at the sfpuc? >> i don't expect that we will have any kind of confirmation from shell about specific resources by then. what i can say is that our goal is to have a portfolio with shell where every resource from which they purchase power is greenhou
Aug 26, 2013 11:00am PDT
you think about this in your -- >> i think about this a lot. hopefully it won't impact clean energy san francisco for a little while. some of the procurement the utilities do now are from geo thermal plants that have been around for a long time and it does count when those contracts come up. in order for the utilities to continue to have a balanced portfolio, they're going to need to continue to buy some of those geo thermal resources. we don't want to create a system where a plant that's 10 years old that falls out of contract can't get a new contract. so, you do need to as we buy more and more renewables, have someplace for the old resources to sell. given california's ambitious goals, i'm not afraid that we're going to stop building new resources any time soon. we're at 33% goal now. there is talk on a statewide level of 40 or 50% goal. i don't think that's a concern with a rec only transaction. i think with the city and county of san francisco needs to look at is what are the local impacts of a rec only transaction. ~ what >> the next question about unbundled recs, rec stuff isn
Aug 22, 2013 8:00am PDT
hetchy regional water system. with also generate clean renewable energy for city services like public buses, hospitals, schools, and much more. and finally, we collect and treat all the city's wastewater and stormwater making it safe enough to discharge into the san francisco bay and pacific ocean. >> in 2006 the puc was planning a record number of projects. >> the public utilities commission is a very infrastructure-rich organization. we're out there rebuilding the water system. we've budget working on power generation in the country. we've been doing sewer for the city. we're looking at a brand-new rebuild of all watt systems in san francisco and we haven't had a home that's been other than mental. >> they staff over 900 people. the puc is in two office locations. >> you know, this is such a great place for a building. if the puc owned that building and we could make that the icon i can sustainable building puc represents, wouldn't be a dramatic idea? >> so, one of the major decisions we made was we wanted to make a statement with this building. we wanted this building to be a lead
Aug 24, 2013 9:00am EDT
energy. existing. physicists almost universally, maybe universally can agree that these things exist. and yet we don't have a very good hold. with a very precise measurement in certain respects but you can look at how quickly galaxies rotate or how much mass must exist in the galaxy and is a quite precisely, because you can look at -- [inaudible] my conception of these are constructs that we don't understand where we understand electrons and protons and normal matter. so there existed one school of thought when this deceleration was seen, that perhaps you can modify the laws of gravity, that you could explain, for instance, the anomalous rotations of galaxies that don't have enough mass to hold them together. gravity, sorry, long ranges deviated from the sort of inverse square law of isaac newton to which einstein's theory of general relativity is a good approximation when gravitational theories -- >> let me sum it up correctly. the simple solution to said einstein and newton were wrong? >> is not the civil solution so much as it is a very interesting solution. >> okay. >> because th
Aug 26, 2013 7:00am PDT
of the environment on mandate and non-mandate programs. they will have staff providing specifics energy, commuter benefits and the green business program. and this is agenda as a discussion item only. >> good evening, everyone, thanks for having us tonight. as christian mentioned we are here to speak on the commuter benefits program, the energy watch program, and the green business program. and my name is sueellen at tkinson and impart of the clean team and i manage the clean business ordinance. >> there we go. >> five years ago san francisco adopted the ordinance for the suitable transportation for the people commuting to and from the city. >> it requires employers with 20 or more employees nationwide to offer commuter benefit to all full and part time employees in san francisco. those commuter benefits could be as a pretax deduction and employer paid subsidy or a provided transportation program. >> the ordinance passed with strong support from the business community, and in a vote by the board of supervisors. over the past five years, we have engaged in very extensive out reach and education in
Aug 26, 2013 8:30pm PDT
can understand about the energy use, how they compare the different -- >> yes, in this case, we compared the bay area regional desalination projts to the santa cruz project t marine project in san diego county on an energy and cost basis, and basically what this shows is that the energy uses for the regional desalination project is lower than the others and that's gr*ifrn by the fact that we would be if we proceeded with this project, we would be desail baiting brackish water, you're getting more water per unit and having to separate out less salt so the energy usage is lower because of that, it increases because it has to go to the east bay mud system to be pumped up to get into our system, it shows the desalination cost itself is much less for that project than other projects which use ocean water for desalination. >> is that a lot of energy or does it require a large amount of energy? >> when we looked at this, this is comparable to our proposed recycled water projects in san francisco. it's far less energy uses thaj hechechi water but it's come probable to the recycled water
Aug 23, 2013 1:30am PDT
like to introduce gabby conas coordinator for our energy program, thank you. >> good evening. like my colleague said i am here to talk about the energy efficiency program. and implemented by the department of the environment. this program has not only helped the small business owners, save money by providing energy savings that directly support their bottom line but also lower the environmental impact. the first was power savers. >> and it helped over 4,000 small business owners, receive energy efficient lining retrofits and 2,000 projects were installed through the peak energy program. and currently the san francisco energy watch program has installed over 4300 and energy efficiency projects and local business and this number continues to grow. altogether the programs have installed over 10,000 energy efficient project and commercial establishments and saved an average of over $2800 in annual energy costs and paid more than 29 million in incentives and just in the carbon emissions which is the equivalent to powering over 38,000 san francisco homes for a year. this program you can see
Aug 29, 2013 8:00am PDT
't the objective. this needed to be the best example of energy conservation of any office building in the united states. >> we became involved in the san francisco public utilities headquarter project during the time when the project was at a stand still for a number of reasons, largely due to budget issues. and at the time we were asked to consider an alternative design using concrete rather than the scheme that was potentially planned for previous to that, which was a steel frame structure that used hydraulic dampers to control seismic motion. >> so, i met with my team. we worked hard. we came up with a great idea. let's take out the heavy steel structure, let's put in an innovative vertical post tension concrete structure, great idea. we did that. a lot of other things. and we came up with a price of 140 million. so, we achieved that goal. and, so, when we first started looking at the building, it was going to cost a lot of money. because of the way it was being built, we could only get 12 floors. we wanted more space for our employees. we ended up going and saying, okay, if we do a concrete
Aug 25, 2013 1:30pm PDT
a month a tanker will offload the liquefied gas to the terminal providing a much cheaper supply of energy. getting the gas from the terminal to the people is no easy feat. but lithuania's energy ministry says fundsing from the european union has made it possible. >> you just can't say enough about the support of the european union in developing the infrastructure. without a gas distribution network energy independence in lithuania would be impossible. >> up until now a company has been responsible for lithuania's gas distribution system. its biggest shareholder is the world's largest gas producer. the russian energy giant was able to maintain a monopoly on the country's gas supply until this august when a lithuanian company took over control. that's thanks to the e.u.'s third energy package. the legislation forbids gas companies from operating both distribution and transport networks, preventing energy giants from dominating the european market. but that's rankled many in moscow. at a brussels summit in early 2011 the russian president, vladimir putin, sent the first warning shot across t
Aug 26, 2013 10:00pm PDT
&e, to maintain the monopoly, if cleanpowersf were not a greener energy portfolio than the one we already have, we would not have strong environmental records such as supervisor john avalos, supervisor mar, assembly member tom ammiano, i appreciate this is a historic opportunity for our city to move forward and set an example for the rest of the country. we cannot afford to wait any longer. i look forward to being a cleanpowersf customer in the spring. thank you. >> carl bernadeto. >> thank you, commissioners, i am a resident for 11 years in san francisco and speaking as a resident, i'm in support of clean energy and cleanpowersf, for the record, i agree with everything that michelle meters said from sierra club, i don't want to repeat all that, i worked for a utility for ten years and when it was a monopoly, it became basically had to get competition and i just want to say that this is an amazing program that provides competition and i think pg&e will move forward in a more aggressive way to attaining renewable goals and this is just fantastic, it's a platform to move forward in a very -- as a fo
Aug 27, 2013 8:30pm PDT
. there's not, you know, you know, if we don't have customers choosing this energy, if we don't have, you know, in-city build, you know, that affects our ability to get to that goal as well. >> thank you, commissioner king. if i may take a crack. >> okay, lawyer. >> we've got a couple of us. we may have more of us commissioners. lots of good policy folks. >> [speaker not understood]. >> oh, okay. >> i'm giving you my wife's number so she knows i was really here. [laughter] >> to me it's two components. the one is probably pretty easy to kind of reach consensus around. the second, give it a shot. the first consensus is that whereas the san francisco public utilities commission is scheduled to consider adoption of rates for the clean power sf program on august 13th, 2013. and clean power sf is a program that san francisco commission on the environment supported in a september 2012 resolution. so, if we're to piece together a statement, i would like to -- we don't have a deputy ca. i think i'd probably have to ask to entertain a motion to adopt that program as a start of a resolution and the
Aug 29, 2013 4:00pm PDT
build-out, the nature of the renewable energy credits that have increased nr the mix and what that impacts on the underlying goals of the program, both over at our shop and just generally speaking, questions around local hiring, the number of jobs and there was a lot of reveals, the big concerning thing i think that's safe to say for all of us, when it comes to local build-out, we're stuck at least from the staff the idea that there's a draft of an outline of a plan and that was something that was concerning i would say. it's not to say that we obviously all know where we want to go, it's that the concern i think from the environment commission is we're not there, we want to see concrete plans, we didn't get that. the other reveal i think was that the -- ms. malcolm talked about that we can actually maybe, something that was a big reveal, something issuing the solar bonds and doing a local build-out like now, yesterday, our director from environment told us we're going backward on the program, we want to be going forward. it's safe to say if i was to distill where we're at, bi
Aug 22, 2013 5:00pm PDT
given her an example of an energy retrofit agreement for a half million dollar project for the housing development, it is a very effective agreement, it is extending that to 43 additional properties and quite a bit more money and we're now in discussions for the same amount of work, so we look forward to working with you one way or another. >> thank you very much. >> cameron? welcome. >> thank you very much for letting me speak today. i just want to say i'm a student, four years and resident of four years here in san francisco and of environmental studies, due to the state of the changing climate, we need to start our transition to 100% renewable energy, cleanpowersf will help us do that, it's renewable energy, cleanpowersf will give residents to encourage local renewable energy infrastructure and global green jobs, the rates are low and competitive and should be passed today. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> hi, i'm david zepgar, i want to thank the commission and staff for all the work that eve done to date, i'm concerned about cleanpowersf, i would feel better knowing that all
Aug 26, 2013 11:30am PDT
of that is the same regardless of what the mix s. it's all rps energy renewable power that we supplied for the program. that hasn't changed. ~ the difference may be on the economic side in terms of jobs. also on air quality. so, if we were talking about, say, replacing fossil fuel generation with in-city renewables, that would obviously be a great thing. in this case we of course are not doing that, but we would be adding additional renewable power in a city that is the need for fossil fuels elsewhere in the state or the region so that would actually be us instead of exporting our dirtiness, for once helping other communities green up. but on the whole, the environmental impacts of it have not changed drastically. i think it's more on the economics and on the job's potential impact. >> thank you, danielle, with the important work that you do for our renewable energy team. i think, though, for the whole gamut of what we do, renewable energy community outreach, environmental justice, all the different kind of components, sum it all together. are we better off today or not? and that's a question for our
Aug 27, 2013 7:30pm PDT
this process off the ground and it's not connected clearly to even california energy. so, you know, hey, we'll get there eventually. >> any other thoughts before public comment? [speaker not understood]. >> i have some questions i'd like to ask because i think one of the things i'd like to understand is have you done any studies of how much local power could be generated in san francisco? because my feeling is that an enormous amount could be generated. and, so, how -- i was wondering if you could speak about how we go from zero to, you know, maxing out our potential. i haven't seen those studies. >> actually zero of course. >> there's no zero yet. you're quite right. [speaker not understood]. >> local power did some of that survey. brighton beach has just given us a draft of another report that was focused on solar projects not behind the meter, but solar projects where we could actually purchase or manage energy. we have data to identify different resources in the city for small projects and there's more we can do. we have a staff of people who do this all day long in one format or anothe
Al Jazeera America
Aug 24, 2013 5:30am EDT
currently we are dealing with not just weapons but energy problem so it's up to the united states to find an energy solution so we don't use dirty type of energy because nuclear power is not green and not renewable and not recycling and people call it a nuclear field chain but it's not a cycle. everybody calls it a nuclear field cycle but we call it a chain because every step of the chain has waste and it's not the water and contaminated houses, we saw a picture of a sheep with no hair and the loss of our plants. it's the plant nations, the animal nations and not just human kind but all of these, this life that is lost is incalculable. if you say combination, how do you compensate for losing a strain of plant when that was a type of medicine to our people. you really cannot pay for that type of compensation. so we need to stop all new mining, continue to cleanup and look at solutions for the future so we don't allow this to happen again to our people. >> steven i get early on this was an excited new form of energy, people were not aware of the dangers but by the 50s this was beginning to
FOX Business
Aug 23, 2013 12:00am EDT
to heat their homes. soon america may be self-sufficient in energy. also, if you are worried about global warming, burning natural gas releases less greenhouse gas than oil or coal. >> flack go feels wrong. it feels like you are pumping stuff into mother earth. >> john: a liberal european environmentalist points out that europe promised to cut greenhouse gas emissions but didn't cut them. >> we managed to cut half what you accidentally happened to do when you stumbled on fracking. >> john: so it brings fuel cheaper, maybe better for the world. why are these people so mad? >> they worry about energy companies shoving these chemicae ground. >> this is seen sfraen a documentary called gas lane. >> the documentary gas land. >> they gave it director an emmy and matt damon features greedy energy companies destroying the promised land. >> if it happens to one of us, it could happen to us all of us. >> john: yoko ono started artists against fracking. and so is the left wing media. >> it comes up by the millions of gallons and protests grow. >> a lot of people are getting sick. >> john: you would
FOX Business
Aug 24, 2013 1:00am EDT
supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. >>. >> john: myth number five, our drinking water is in danger because oil companies frack. what is that? >> controversy is over chemicals being injected into the earth to break up rock and release natural gas. >> john: it means shoving chemicals into the ground to frack the rock to release oil and gas. this has been done for 60 years. but they learned how to drill sideways, america has much more and cheaper natural gas. this means families pay less to heat their homes. soon america may be self-sufficientn energy. also, if you are worried about global warming, burning natural gas releases less greenhouse gas than oil or coal. >> flack go feels wrong. it feels lke you are pumping stuff into mother earth. >> john: a liberal european environmentalist points out that europe promised to cut greenhouse gas e
FOX Business
Aug 25, 2013 12:00am EDT
-sufficient in energy. also, if you are worried about global warming, burning natural gas releases less greenhouse gas than oil or coal. >> flack go feels wrong. it feels like you a pumping stuff into mother earth. >> john: a liberal european environmentalist points out that europe promised to cut greenhouse gas emissions but didn't cut them. >> we managed to cut half what you accidentally happened to do when you stumbled on fracking. >> john: so it brings fuel cheaper, maybe better for the world. why are these people so mad? >> they worry about energy companies shoving these dangerous chemicals into the ground. >> this is seen sfraen a documentary called gas lane. >> the documentary gas land. >> they gave it director an emmy and matt don features greedy energy companies destroying the promised land. >> if it happens to one of us, it could happen to us all of us. >> john: yoko ono started artists against fracking. and so is the left wing media. >> it comes up by the millions of gallons and protests grow. >> a lot of people are getting sick. >> john: you would think assistant the anti-fracking movie in
Aug 22, 2013 3:35am EDT
pain, low energy and moodiness, sleep disorders, low blood sugar, weight gain and possibly even more serious colon, breast, prostate or heart health issues. unfortunately, getting enough vitamin d from the sun is no longer an option in today's world and the u.v. protection in sunscreen blocks the skin's absorption of vitamin d from the sun. it's extremely difficult to get the vitamin d we need from our diet and most multivitamin pills contain less than 10% of the vitamin d required. while vitamin d pills just aren't fully absorbed by the body and most lack critical cofactors, like vitamin k2, needed to get the full health benefits. it's no wonder vitamin d deficiency is so widespread, but this is all about to change because now there's bio d supreme, the absorbable vitamin d. this unique vitamin d spray quickly and easily provides the therapeutic level of premium vitamin d you need every day. just a few sprays a day delivers 5,000 i.u. of vitamin d, the same amount recommended by doctors. watch: traditional vitamin d pills can lose up to 90% of their potency as they pass through your
Aug 22, 2013 4:00am EDT
solar energy have a bright future in the uk? cnbc's helia ebrahimi is live at a solar farm to shed some light on the matter. tune in at 10:40 cet. >>> the theme to the center of germany where the price of renewable energy is a hot election topic. [ male announcer ] it's time. time to have new experiences with a familiar keyboard. to update our status without opening an app. to have all our messages in one place. to browse... and share... faster than ever. ♪ it's time to do everything better than before. the new blackberry q10. it's time. >>> a german chancellor angela merkel told broadcasters that fresh aid require s for greece won't be decided upon until mid-2014. her comments which will be aired later this week come a day after finance minister wolfgang schaeuble openly stated that greece would need a third bailout program. this comes as ecb executive board member erik rasmussen said the topic of aid was not discussed on day one of his current visit to athens. he said his agenda was focused on how to make the current program a success. >>> securing a cheap reliable source of energy
Aug 26, 2013 10:00am PDT
power s.f. as part of a bigger energy strategy in 2004, and that energy strategy was intended to pursue the city's commitment to reducing greenhouse gases, to develop local -- okay. i think mine is not loaded here. so, i'll just try to be clear for the audience. to develop local renewable energy resources, increase conservation and energy efficiency projects, and support the local economy with jobs from a build out of local energy resources. and then there was a lot of work done between 2004 and september 2012 when the board of supervisors approved the, i should say authorized the general managers' signature on a contract with shell energy of north america. that contract would identify shell or cnet as the city's procurement agent for about 30 megawatts of power on california's energy market. at the same time, the board of supervisors -- sorry -- approved of several program elements and pretty much gave us the go ahead to implement the program. where we're at today is we do have a program design and i've been working on it for the last four months since i joined the commission. and what
Aug 26, 2013 9:00pm PDT
, that renewable energy generation projects be subject to projects labor agreements so that component of the local build, and also that energy efficiency projects, another component of our local build be subject to project labor agreements as well. i can report that with respect to the first item, the puc cannot limit procurement to unionized california facilities and in our discussion, members of the labor council agreed with that assessment. with regard to the issue of pla's for energy projects both generation and energy efficiency, you know, the labor representatives were helpful in sharing some examples of project labor agreements that they have with other jurisdictions, both private and public, but nothing has been resolved in these conversations. city rules require certain requirements to be met before a city agency could enter into a pla, it's certainly a considerable amount of work on our part if we were to engage in that effort and quite honestly, we're not sure that all conditions could be met, and so with that, i'll turn it back to the general manager, thank you. >> so, the last thing i
Aug 29, 2013 5:00pm PDT
, i would feel better knowing that all of my energy was renewable and for that reason, i urge you to approve the not to exceed rates today so we can get this program rolling as soon as possible. thank you. >> al winera. he left? okay. eric brooks. alright. dr. espanola jackson. >> good afternoon, dr. espanola jackson. it was kind of funny to me sitting here listening to the renewable and the electrical. i want you all to take a look at this because of the fact that you all voted sometime ago dealing with solar, and i want you to see what my bill is, my electric bill is 103 dollars and some cents, now i'm not -- yes, you will see it when it comes around to you. you know, i don't represent or get paid by pg&e, but as you see, you all when i got my solar -- >> god, i wish i had your bill. >> so, what i want you all to do is please, what you continue with, i think 7 years, years ago, they were talking about bringing pfrs into my community, you know, and that failed, you all voted it down, and this is what we have solar, and the thing of it is, is that the's the reason when i spoke in
FOX Business
Aug 25, 2013 1:00am EDT
make a concerted effort to be energy indendent even than i previously thought n 2005, net imports of all energy, about 30%, in this past year alone, it's already down to 18%. it's projected to be 9%. but in 2040. if we make a real effort, you know that all of the above fracking and oil and throw-in that silly green stuff, think we can have the next internet age as far as industrial production. we can be energy free. and we can have a much safer america. >> do you think this is important, jonas? >> it's important. you know, one of the rules of econics is you go to where the cheapest supply is. and if the saudis have cheaper oil than we do and they do, then we should use it. and that's just the way it is. if we don't buy it and we start pumping higher cost fuel out of canada, someone else is going to buy it. they're going to have just as much money they want to do crookedly or not. why wouldn't we want the cheap oil? i don't think we're going to drill -- we're not going to outdrill the audis. our innovation is technology. yes, we've had a huge technology boom that led us produce our
Aug 23, 2013 10:00am PDT
connected to this institution since 1966. i want to tell you about the broom energy conservation corps where we are educating, training and also employing binge hamilton university graduates and current students to really take the vision that kennedy and others advanced of service to the problems of the community and to the country. and a cooperative extension, our energy corps students are helping people who could not benefit from energy efficiency. they're helping getting people employed with local home performance contractors. we could do so much more if it were possible for programs like ours across the country to be able to know that we're going to be here in 2014, which we don't right now. and so i guess we've been in discussions with harvey and with many of the people in this room, with matt ryan, with many of the senior binghamton university folks, and we'd really like to see coming out of washington some good news about funding for the green economy for the future, and for our ability to give a future to our children that right now i'm doubtful about. you have two girls, i've got tw
Aug 26, 2013 12:30pm PDT
renewable energy just to make sure that is in there somewhere. >> yes. well, i mean, once again, that's the part of the issue about the lack of dependency on the recs because local, you know. so that our goal -- that our goal as a city in terms of renewable energy and our renewable energy policies. so, i take that as a friendly amendment. >> as a friendly amendment. >> although you're not a commissioner. >> i don't know where to put t. i have a friendly amendment that we don't say "all roads lead to." >> all road lead to -- >> that the puc makes a commitment to a program, so we're asking the puc to do three things. one, adopt a rate structure that has rates competitive with pg&e. two, to make clear that the city does not want to be -- does not want to be depend not on recs in the future. >> bingo. >> and that the program will meet our greenhouse gas -- the city's greenhouse goals and that they will design a program that ensures local living wage jobs, or have a commitment to ensuring the program, local living wage jobs that are unionized. >> and local hire. that right there is as succ
Aug 29, 2013 3:30pm PDT
francisco. it's far less energy uses thaj hechechi water but it's come probable to the recycled water projects. >> that's good to know, thank you: i'd like to follow up on that because i think it would be interesting to see a comparison not just with the other desalt projects but with the other proposed projects we're looking at, whether it's ground water management or recycle or rainwater harvest or the energy comparison as well as the cost comparison. >> we'll definitely do that, this was a response to a direct question about desal projects, that's one of the basis of the comparison of which projects are better to pursue, relative energy uses is a component of that. >> great, thank you. >> any other questions on anything on the communications? >> mr. president? >> yes. >> i would like to for the record make note of the letters we've received to date update today the letter summary for cleanpowersf, august 12 received a report from sustainable, august 12, received correspondence from lean energy us, august 12 received an e-mail from rebecca solnat regarding a shell shock petiti
Aug 29, 2013 7:30am PDT
society and turn them back into some energy. and we have another ability to take that sludge and get a nutrient value for crops there. we actually are running a kind of composting energy recovery system. >> well, this is a dirty job. we try to do it safely and we try to do it without imposing too much on the public. people want to flush their toilets and have things go away and not be bothersome again. we do a lot to try to accomplish that. i'd like to invite you to come back any time you want. once you got this in your blood, you are not going to be able to stay away. the raging waters are fun and when we do digester cleaning i really hope you can come back. that's quite a sight. >> yeah, that sounds interesting. >> i really appreciate you coming by and it was a >> san francisco is home to some of the most innovative companies of the 21st century. this pioneering and forward looking spirit is alive in san francisco government as well. the new headquarters of the san francisco public utilities commission at a5 25 golden gate avenue is more than just a 13-story building and office abl
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Aug 27, 2013 8:00pm PDT
understand what we're talking about with renewable energy credits, with the shell contract, and how we're going to get to the buildout, the green new deal and union labor. and you may know that i'm sure all of you got the sierra club letter that said we are going to insist that this program be anchored to maximize union labor through project labor agreements, et cetera. you should know that the entire grassroots coalition that's working for clean power sf also recently voted to adopt that same position. this must be a local jobs union green new deal project with thousands of jobs available. the misconception that i want to make sure that we correct here is the idea that the shell program, the shell contract is the program. it is not. the shell contract is 4%, less than 4% of the energy that will end up being provided under clean power sf after the next decade goes by. the shell contract is just priming the water pump, if you remember the old water pumps. and the idea here is that we need to use the renewable energy credits to make it cheap enough to compete with pg&e, to get that first
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